Business Evolution for Consultants – Where Is It Heading?

Presented by: Melissa Swartz & Steve Leaden

November 3, 2016
UC Strategies BC Summit
Palm Springs, CA

UC-Unified-Communications-Strategies-Logo-red-cropNew approaches to business problems and technologies present new challenges and opportunities for our enterprise customers. These new technologies and trends are literally changing how enterprise customers think and what their greatest pain points are.  Consultants can have a great impact in this environment.  How will these changes affect our consulting practices going forward? During this session given by BC Strategies experts Melissa Swartz and Steve Leaden, we will explore the growing need in the market today for independent consultants, and how to position your practice to take advantage of these changes.

Covering unified communications and collaboration applications, technologies, trends, and challenges, the BC Summit offers attendees the opportunity to learn actionable best practices, strategies, and tactics from leading vendors, UCC pioneers, and thought leaders. Keynotes, workshops, private focus sessions, panel and roundtable discussions, and session tracks offer attendees countless options to learn, with plenty of networking opportunities. A key goal is to accelerate the adoption of UCC and related business communication solutions.


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