Designing a Digital Ecosystem for Patients

Presented By: Melissa Swartz

November 8, 2016
Genesys Talks with CX Leaders
Healthcare Panel

Genesys-logoThe transformation in healthcare is unprecedented with the focus on quality and value where performance translates into payment.  New technologies will be paramount to the success of your physician groups as they prepare for patient surveys and value-based care in the future. These technologies will help you stretch your resources, allowing you to focus on both following up with patients and pinpointing areas where you can improve the patient experience.

A digital strategy can help you focus on leveraging and optimizing patient-related technology to improve the patient experience and outcomes. Developing a digital patient ecosystem will allow you to create more productive relationships and improve health outcomes.

Here are five key technology components that our panel will discuss to help you design and implement a digital ecosystem to improve the patient experience.

  • How to orchestrate people, processes, policies, communications, actions, and environment
  • How to use digital channels for patient interactions, including online portals that allow patients to make their own appointments, and social media platforms and mobile apps with personalized health content
  • How telehealth is a cost-effective alternative to traditional face-to-face visits
  • How remote monitoring and wearable devices help maintain a close patient-doctor relationship for the opportunity to better manage outcomes
  • How embracing technology now will enable increases in patient engagement and improve the patient experience, thereby attracting, expanding and retaining your patient base.


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