Practical Advice for Navigating SIP Trunking

Presented by: Melissa Swartz

March 28, 2017
Enterprise Connect
Orlando, FL

Enterprise-Connect-logo-borderService providers often make it sound like SIP Trunking is quite simple, but the service isn’t always as straightforward as advertised, and implementation can often be tricky. The best implementations begin with a thorough vetting of the various providers’ offerings and capabilities – including for disaster recovery and failover — as picking the optimal service at the start helps avoid problems later. Even then, SIP services aren’t plug and play, and correctly configuring your trunks is an imperative.

In this session, an experienced telecommunications consultant who has taken many businesses through their conversions to SIP Trunks will share her lessons learned while ensuring successful implementations. You’ll get tips for making the best SIP Trunking selection, and learn how your business can work with vendors and maintain control throughout the conversion process. You’ll walk away from this session armed with knowledge about pricing, facilities, features, configuration, and failover issues.


  • What questions should my enterprise be asking when comparing offerings?
  • What are the most common problems in SIP implementations, and how can my organization steer clear of them?
  • How can I tell if my services are configured correctly?
  • What do I need to know about failover and disaster recovery setup?

Enterprise Connect is the largest conference/exhibition in the U.S. devoted exclusively to enterprise communications.


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