Additional Services


Telecom Management and Outsourcing

We offer flexible options for staff supplementation, ranging from acting as a client’s telecom resource and performing the administrative functions needed to keep everything running properly, to handling projects that the client’s staff does not have the technical expertise to undertake, or does not have the time to handle.  These services allow clients to enjoy a robust telecommunications function, without having to hire additional permanent staff.


Business Continuity Planning

Power outages, inclement weather, and other events can impact your communications technology and impair your business. We work with organizations to ensure that business can continue in these situations.

We can work with you to create resiliency by identifying likely points of failure and creating layers of redundancy and alternative options. We create plans that can be easily activated so that critical phone traffic can reach you.

We organize the information that you will need to have in the event of an incident so that you are ready to respond.

There is no way to plan for every possible thing that could go wrong. We strive to create a solution that is flexible enough to be useful, no matter what unforeseen events occur. Of course, many things are out of our control, and no plan can possibly cover every contingency. But a thoughtful, flexible plan can save time, money, and possibly even your company’s future.


Bill Auditing

We audits telecom expenses for clients in order to check billing accuracy, remove services that are not used, and udate outdated services to more efficient, cost effective alternatives. Our track record is impressive.

  • A large multi-location retail firm saved over $200,000 per year
  • A two site company reduced their phone bill by more than 30%
  • Another large, multi-location client saved over $150,000 per year

Most bills are obtuse and confusing at best, and who has time to go through them and vet their accuracy? We offer a solution.  Our billing audits get results for our clients, without the need for hiring additional staff.  Let us start saving you money.