Get an expert on your team and get this done right.

Experienced consultants who are not selling products will guide you to the right solution.

Writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) is hard.

Time consuming.


And it requires expertise.  Someone who has done it before, and knows how to do it correctly. 

This technology is changing faster than ever. 

There are new players in the market. 

New capabilities.

New pricing models.

Do you have anyone on staff who has done this before?  Was it recent enough to still be relevant?

You know if there are any loopholes, the vendors will try to take advantage of you.

And isn’t your staff already busy? Do they have time to figure all of this out on their own?

How much risk can you afford?

What if you had experts with tons of experience to guide you through this process? Don’t you want an expert on your side who isn’t selling any products?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Who are these experts? Do they really know their stuff?

Since 1991, Swartz Consulting has been guiding clients who are searching for the right solution to meet the communication technology needs of their business. We’ve done hundreds of projects, with many different clients, and learned from them all. As the technology and industry have changed, we have incorporated new capabilities into our documents. When language caused confusion, we updated it. When we found gaps, we filled them. Our experience over the years has resulted in better documents and refined processes, and we are making them available to you.  So you can skip the hard work and still take advantage of the expertise we gained by doing it.

As respected veterans of the industry, we write for major publications and speak at key events.

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We Can do this for you.

We will work with you to understand your needs, then develop a custom RFI/RFP that reflects your unique requirements.  We will evaluate the responses, and provide you with the information you need to select the best solution for your organization. 

Our goal is to help you make the best decision.

We have done this for many clients, and we can do it for you.

Find out if we are right for you with a free, no obligation evaluation.

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  • Quality templates created by independent industry experts
  • Avoid the stress of creating from scratch
  • Ensure that all critical areas are covered.

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  • Expert to review your documents
  • Coaching Calls or on-site help to get you through any rough spots
  • You provide basic info and we use it to create your RFP for you

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    Life in the Fast Lane

  • You make the decisions and we do the work
  • Dodge pitfalls by using experts who have done a lot of projects and know what to avoid
  • Efficient, competitive process saves money while finding the right solution
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