Is it time to replace your existing phone system? 

Where should you look for something new?

Is a cloud solution the right way to go?

Voice communication technology has been changing rapidly. There are new capabilities available, and new players in the market.

You could always start doing your own research.  But sorting through a bunch of sales and marketing materials won’t give you any behind the scenes information.

How do you find out the real story on how each solution compares to other offers?  Which is right for you?


You could skip the research project. Instead, engage an unbiased advisor with knowledge of the entire marketplace as your guide.


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Swartz Consulting offers independent advice from experts who never sell you any products. Our focus is on helping you find the solution that is right for you.

We have worked with many clients to sort through the sea of solutions and find the right one for them.  And we often serve as project managers through the implementation process.  We know how the solutions work and their strengths and weaknesses.

Our knowledge is earned through experience.

How can Swartz Consulting make things easier for you?

You don’t have to develop:

Tested documents

Proven processes

Knowledge and experience

When you invest in our services, we bring these things to you.


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How do you know that Swartz Consulting is qualified to guide you?

As veterans of hundreds of projects, we have the experience required to guide you through your phone system replacement project. Melissa Swartz has presented at Enterprise Connect on topics such as:

          Staying Clear of Cloud Migration Land Mines

          Avoiding the "Gotchas" in a Cloud Migration

          Practical Advice for Navigating SIP Trunking

          Top 4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing SIP Trunking

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How can you be sure that Swartz Consulting is truly vendor agnostic? 

We demonstrate our independence through membership in the Society of Communication Technology Consultants (SCTC), the premier organization of ethically based, professional, independent communications technology consultants. Members are required to be independent and are prohibited under the SCTC Consultant Code of Ethics from selling any product or service other than independent services.

You can find our statement of ethics here. 

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