Your Results are: Leaning Toward a Cloud Solution

Your answers indicate that some aspects of a CLOUD solution are appealing to you.
However, you are not locked into that architecture. You may want to consider a PRIVATE CLOUD option.

With a cloud solution, you will enjoy:

  • Subscription pricing
  • Provider manages the core system components
  • Hardened, geographically separate data centers for resilience
  • Provider manages security and compliance
  • Consistent with cloud-first strategy
  • Scalability for seasonal increases or decreases
  • Support for remote workers
  • Flexibility
  • Potential for advanced applications like AI

A private cloud option can give you more control over your environment, including:

  • Control of your data
  • Control over upgrades and timing
  • Ability to develop integrations as needed

However, with a private cloud you will give up:

  • Always having the newest capabilities

A private cloud option will require investigation and due diligence.

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