RFP Templates, Worksheets & Packages

Start by choosing your DIY (Do It Yourself) RFP Accelerator Template (Phone system only or Phone system + Basic Contact Center)

The DIY RFP Accelerator  includes everything you need to  create your communications technology RFP. 

  • Expert RFP Template 
  • Needs Assessment: The Foundation for Success 
  • The Critical Cloud vs. Premise Decision 
  • Pricing Template 
  • Project Goals Worksheet 
  • Expert Secrets for Crafting RFP Questions 

This unique package saves you time and money, and you’ll have confidence that you’ve covered all the necessary components.


Next, add options for a little extra help, or get an expert to look over your shoulder as you fo through the process. You can also select  tools make it easier to evaluate proposals and pricing, built to work with the templates in the RFP Accelerator.  

Step 1: Pick your DIY RFP Accelerator option

DIY RFP Accelerator with Contact Center Requirements


Phone System RFP Template with Basic Contact Center Requirements

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Step 2: Select Your Options

RFP Evaluation Tools Package


A package of evaluation tools for meeting with vendors and weighing their offerings.

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Guidance Calls


3 One-on-One Coaching calls with an expert consulting to start your project strong.  

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RFP Review & Comment


A review your documents, including comments and suggested changes to ensure they are ready to go.

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RFP Writing


You fill out the Needs Assessment documentation, and we write the RFP.  

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Proposal Evaluation Call


Let the experts evaluate your proposals and get a  review call to go over our findings.

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Proposal Evaluation – Written Evaluation


Let the experts evaluate your proposals and get a written review to go over our findings.

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Proposal Evaluation Package


A commented review of proposal documents.

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Pricing Comparison – Done For You


Our experts put together the pricing comparison for the proposals you received.

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Pricing Comparison – Additional Proposal


Include an additional proposal in your pricing comparison.

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Contract/SOW Review


A review and red-line of your SOW or Contract.

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Guaranteed Value - Or your money back

We stand behind our playbook with a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you do not find value, we will refund your money, period.

Three ways to work with us

  • Do It Yourself
  • Done With You
  • Done For You

Templates and Tools that Put You in Control

  • Quality templates created by independent industry experts
  • Avoid the stress of creating from scratch
  • Ensure that all critical areas are covered.

  • Check It Out!

    Accelerate Your Success

    Start with our templates and tools, then add options

  • Expert to review your documents
  • Coaching Calls or on-site help to get you through any rough spots
  • You provide basic info and we use it to create your RFP for you

  • Give Me Options!

    Life in the Fast Lane

  • You make the decisions and we do the work
  • Dodge pitfalls by using experts who have done a lot of projects and know what to avoid
  • Efficient, competitive process saves money while finding the right solution
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