Technology Refresh

We have assisted many organizations with replacement of their existing telecom system.  We work with your team to uncover ways that new technology can improve business processes, automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency. The first step is to determine the current and future needs of the entire organization; we typically learn this through interviews with key personnel or departments and meetings with the technology staff. We also work with you to determine the right architecture to meet your needs (cloud, premise, hybrid?)

Once we understand the requirements, we work with your team to determine the best solution. This may (or may not) include a formal Request for Proposal (RFP). Once we have proposals from the various contenders, we analyze them and provide a comparison of the various options, and how they will work in your environment. We also evaluate vendor capabilities and support. While the initial decision is important, you will be living with the solution for several years and the quality of the support is significant.

Finally, we assist our clients in negotiating the final contract with the selected vendor, ensuring that our client’s interests are protected and that the contract reflects all of the discussion so far. We are not a substitute for legal review; we assist your legal team on the technical issues.  Since we have negotiated numerous contracts, we know what to look for, what to avoid, and which items are not negotiable.  This experience has proven to be quite valuable to our clients.

When the agreements have been finalized, it is time to begin the installation process. Swartz Consulting, LLC offers project management services to our clients.  We will manage the various vendors, and place orders as needed on behalf of our clients.  Our experience in numerous projects is used to make the installation as painless as possible for our clients.