If you’re like other people we have worked with, you are BUSY!

There are always more projects than you have time for.  Changing out your voice communications technology is one of those highly visible projects that impacts all of your users.

You have to get it right.

And voice communication technology has been changing rapidly. There are new capabilities available, and new players in the market.

You could always start doing your own research.  But sorting through a bunch of sales and marketing materials won’t give you any behind the scenes information.

How do you find out the real story on how each solution compares to other offers?  Which is right for you?

How are you going to find the time to do the research needed? Or document your requirements? You know that writing a Request For Proposal will take a lot of time and effort.

Even if you find a template on the internet, can you trust it?  What is the expertise of the person who wrote it?  What did they leave out?  Is it biased towards a particular solution?

There is another way.

Skip the research project. Engage an unbiased advisor who knows the marketplace and already has created the tools you need.

We have done hundreds of similar projects, successfully.

We can save you tons of time, because we know the marketplace and what capabilities are currently available.  We know the players and what they have to offer.

You don’t have to spend time doing research.

We have developed and refined documents and tested our processes repeatedly. We adjust and improve them as technology and the industry changes. You don’t have to create anything from scratch.

Swartz Consulting offers independent advice from experts who never sell you any products. We help you find the right solution, and make the process easy for you.

We have worked with many clients to sort through the sea of solutions and find the right one for them.

Save yourself a ton of time, effort, and even money. Contact us today to experience the many benefits of partnering with a truly independent expert. No obligation.