Image of a winding road, depicting the technology paths Swartz Consulting can help you navigate

Why should you  choose Swartz Consulting?

  • For an objective, independent advocate to guide you through complex technology decisions
  • To ensure that your technology aligns with your business goals and processes
  • To minimize risk, reduce costs, and make the right decisions
  • To take advantage of best practices and proven processes

Experience Expertise Integrity 2

Experience: We are veterans of many projects, including:

  • UC and VOIP projects, ranging from single location to large multi-location businesses
  • Complex contact centers
  • Network connectivity for organizations with 30+ locations

See our clients page for more information about our experience in various industries.

Expertise: We understand communications technology and the differences between the many options available to you. We invest a significant amount of time in attending industry events as well as independent learning, to ensure we remain current, in addition to continually working on projects that involve technology change. We are regularly asked to speak at industry events, and we are honored to be recognized for our expertise.

Integrity: We are technically expert, unbiased, and independent. We have no ties to any vendors or products.  We do not receive any compensation from vendors in return for recommending their services. We work for you, and only you. Our recommendations are not colored by any other incentives. See our Statement of Ethics.

Contact us to discuss your communications technology needs and to determine if we are the right advocates for you.