Independent Advice

Company Background

Since 1991, Swartz Consulting has assisted clients in aligning technology with their business goals and process. We act as their trusted advocates to help them reduce risk, find the right technology solution, and optimize expenses.

We are technically expert, unbiased, and independent. We have no ties to any vendors or products.  We do not receive “commissions” or any form of payment from anyone other than our clients. Our clients know that our focus is locked firmly on meeting their needs, and that our approach is unbiased.

Swartz Consulting is committed to providing concrete results to our clients.  We do this by offering:

  • A commitment to learning about our client’s business in order to assist them in using technology to meet business objectives
  • Technical expertise
  • A broad range of industry knowledge and experience, proven processes, and understanding of best practices.
  • Flexibility to structure our services to meet our client’s needs
  • Management skills to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget
  • The ability to communicate clearly so that our clients understand the options available to them
  • The ability to communicate with vendors so that they fully understand our client’s needs