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The Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC) is a premier organization of ethically based, professional, independent communications technology consultants. Members are required to be independent and are prohibited under the SCTC Consultant Code of Ethics from selling any product or service other than independent services.

This organization allows us to leverage connections with an international network of consultants who offer expertise in every facet of our industry, and provides ongoing education in this quickly changing industry.

For this elite organization, membership requirements are stringent. Applicants are carefully screened by a process which includes:

  • Reference checks with 10 clients, who are asked about the technical expertise and ethical behavior of the prospective member.
  • Investigation of the prospective member’s character, professional background, and industry experience.
  • Review and comments from existing members concerning the prospective member’s ethical standards and level of experience.

Melissa Swartz served on the Board of Directors from 2008-2014, and served as President from October 2012 to October 2014.

Swartz Consulting, LLC has been an active member since 1998 and adheres to the Code of Ethics.


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