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Do you need to update your Contact Center?

We work with you to find the best contact center technology for your specific situation. Capabilities in this arena are complex and changing quickly; without some guidance, it can be difficult to discover and articulate your requirements. We believe a contact center can become a competitive differentiator that can not only improve your customer’s experience, but also increase brand loyalty.

However, technology is only a tool, and it is only effective when the right people and processes are in place. We work with you to address the big picture for your contact center and to ensure it delivers on your business objectives. We ensure that the chosen technology aligns with these objectives, makes sense financially, and provides the right foundation for your business.

We work with your business to fill gaps as needed, including:

We act as an interface who works closely with various departments to understand their processes, goals, strategy and roadmap to identify business needs and technology solutions that will assist in meeting their goals.

We provide insight to the business and recognize areas where an opportunity for improvement exists and quantify the results expected when improvement is achieved.

We can write the business case for proposed changes and improvements.

We can assist you in gathering and interpreting data from the contact center system.

We can help you develop reporting that makes data more meaningful and reflects business initiatives.

We will gather and analyze statistical data on the effectiveness of the contact center and its impact on customer experience.

We can help you define metrics for tracking performance and progress on business initiatives, determine how these metrics are to be measured, and how to collect the data.

Root cause analysis of problems with reports, call flows, IVR issues, etc.

We can create and execute test plans, and document the changes and improvements that occur during your project.

We can assist you with things like:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Technology Assessment & Procurement
  • Implementation & Knowledge Transfer

For example, you may be wondering things like:

  • Are you sure what path is best for your organization?
  • Should you upgrade your existing solution, or replace it?
  • Should you move to the cloud? What are the tradeoffs?
  • How do you align your communication technology with your business goals?
  • Can the right technology give you an advantage in the marketplace?

We help you answer questions like these.

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We have assisted many organizations with replacement of their existing communications technology. Today’s solutions offer many options for collaboration and improving business processes.

We partner with your team to uncover ways for your organization to take advantage of the promises offered by new technology.

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We have directed projects ranging from single site small system installations to highly complex, multi-site, multi system projects.

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Contact Center Projects

Project Management

1100 Agents Multiple Sites
Consolidated sites for improved management and call routing; decreased average speed of answer time and administration complexity.

Technologies Utilized:
Work Force Management, Multimedia, Call Recording, Speech Analytics, and IVR
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Premise to Cloud Migration

35 Agents
Improved reporting, ease of administration, easier resolution of customer disputes, ability to respond to changing conditions

Technologies Utilized:
IVR, Multimedia, Call Recording
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Contact Center Re-Design

35 Agents
Decreased peak hold times by 94%
Decreased toll free usage charges by 33%

Technologies Utilized:
Queuing and Routing improvements, Call Recording, automation of reporting
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Technology Evaluation & Implementation

400 Agents
2 projects with tight time frames
Improved customer satisfaction scores
Improved reliability
Ability to respond to changes

Technologies Utilized:
IVR, Screen Pops, WFM, Multimedia, Callbacks, Call Recording, Speech Analytics, Outbound Campaigns, Remote Workers
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Premise-Cloud Hybrid

IVR in Cloud
45 Agents
Process Automation, Improved ability to handle peak loads, improved Self Service Options (Bill payment, Account inquiries, etc)

Technologies Utilized:
IVR, Screen Pops, Callbacks, Work Force Management, Multimedia, Call Recording, Speech Analytics, Outbound Campaigns, Remote Workers
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Technology evaluation & implementation

200 Agents
Automated routing changes to meet compliance requrements

Technologies Utilized:
Routing and Queuing, Multi-Media, IVR, Screen Pops, Call & Screen Recording, Speech Analytics, Workforce Management, Scheduling, Forecasting, Outbound Campaign, Remote Workers
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